Iodized and non-iodized recrystallized table salt

Edible salt or Table salt is another product of Garmsar salt factory. This product is produced in different forms in iodized and non-iodized packages, in this section we want to review the product of recrystallized table salt. It is a method for producing and purifying edible salt, which is most widely used for all types of sea and mineral salt.

In the production of salt by the recrystallization method, salt solution in water is used, which is done at high temperatures, and chemicals are added to the salt during this process. Therefore, two types of salt are produced in this way, one is iodized edible salt and the other is non-iodized edible salt.

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During the long years when humans discovered salt, they used this crystal and salty taste mineral to flavor all kinds of food. Later, our ancestors made different uses of salt, such as energy therapy, and until today, we see the appearance of salt in various other forms and uses, such as decoration.

What is table salt?

Edible salt is almost the same composition of sodium chloride that was used naturally in the past. But today, by performing purification in different ways, such as recrystallization, compared to performing a series of processes, it is used to purify edible salt to remove impurities.

Also, if it is supposed to provide iodine needed by the body through salt, produce this salt in the form of iodized crystallization salt. In this method, a combination of salt solution in water and high temperature is used for purification, so as to obtain clear and clean crystals while removing impurities.

Buying iodized and non-iodized recrystallized table salt, Miad Bazarganan Razi

This salt has many uses, such as a seasoning for food and edibles, a solution to prevent corruption and antimicrobial properties, which we will examine each of the characteristics of this salt in the following.

Other names:

  • Crystalized table salt
  • recrystallized refined salt

Supply in packages:

  • Different kilo packages
  • customer packages

موارد و کاربردها:

  • مصارف روزمره و خوراکی
  • مصارف داروئی و سلامت

Types of edible salt

As mentioned, we have two types of edible salt by recrystallization purification method, both of these salts will be determined at the stage when the salt crystals are inside the centrifuge. buy edible salt

iodized table salt

If iodine is added to the salt during the separation of crystals, this type of table salt, which is the result of the recrystallization purification method, is called iodized table salt.

Adding salt to iodine is for daily consumption as a food seasoning so that the iodine needed by the body can be supplied in this way. Since the consumption of fish and shrimp in our Iranian table is very low, the iodine in salt is used for this purpose.

Iodine supply in the body is essential. Because its absence causes various diseases such as goiter. The problems that occur in the thyroid of some people today are due to the lack of iodine in the body.

Another reason why salt is used to provide the iodine needed by the body is the property that salt has in preserving iodine. The high percentage of salt purity causes iodine to be preserved for a longer period of time and in a better form and not to lose its properties.

To help preserve iodine in salt, it is better to consume it throughout the year and also store it in a dark place, away from light and humidity in glass, wooden or clay containers. During cooking, it is better to add salt to the food in the final stages so that its iodine is not lost due to high heat.

Table salt without iodine

If iodine is not added during the separation of salt crystals, this type of salt prepared by the recrystallization method is called table salt without iodine. In the preparation of this type of crystallized salt, iodine is not added to it. However, like iodized salt, some additives and anti-coagulants such as sodium aluminosilicate, silicon dioxide and magnesium carbonate are added to it, which will increase the taste, extend the shelf life and prevent the salt from clumping when exposed to moisture.

How to produce recrystallized table salt

To purify salt by recrystallization method, three steps are passed to obtain this salt, which are: Price table salt

First step: dissolving salt in water

  • First, at this stage, rock salt is crushed to become very small grains. These seeds will be so small that they will appear as ground.
  • Then the obtained mill is dissolved in water to obtain a saturated solution to clean the salt from impurities. They also use hot water for this purpose.
  • In the next step, salt impurities will be deposited, and with the use of some chemicals, the filtration process will take place to remove other impurities.
  • In order to separate the small particles in this salt water solution, it is also passed through sand filters, which allows the separation of particles with dimensions less than 30 microns.
  • At this stage, there is a perfect product of salt water that has no impurities and is ready to go to the next stage.

Second stage: formation of salt crystals

  • This step is done by the process of evaporation of salt water. Therefore, salt water is boiled at a high temperature to make the evaporation process faster.
  • As the amount of water decreases and it evaporates, we will witness the formation of salt crystals in different shapes and sizes.
  • According to the industry used, it is separated and so-called granulation using a centrifuge. It is also at this stage that salt is iodized by adding iodine.
  • In order to prevent clumping due to moisture in this stage, some substances such as potassium iodate spray and anti-caking (potassium ferrocyanide) may be added to the salt during the centrifugation stage.

Third step: drying and moisture absorption

Finally, the process of dehumidifying the salt is done by transferring it to the dryer, which is done by hot air, and the obtained salt is transferred to storage silos. Also, at this stage, packaging for recrystallized table salt takes place.

Advantages and applications of recrystallization purification salt

Now that you are familiar with what recrystallization salt is and how two types of it are produced and refined, we will continue to introduce the benefits and applications of this salt in various industries.

Daily food consumption

This salt is a daily seasoning on the table of all people around the world. This salt is used in the preparation of all kinds of food and drinks, and according to the advice of doctors, iodized salt should be used in order to supply the iodine needed by the body. The price of iodized and non-iodized recrystallized salt of Razi Bazarganan

Food consumption in industries

Another use of this salt is in the food industry, where it is used to prepare canned goods, bread, biscuits, dairy industries, protein industries such as sausages and sausages, and thousands of other items. In industries, they use refined, recrystallized salt without iodine.


Another use of recrystallized edible salt is in the pharmaceutical industry. This salt can be a factor in the preparation of various medicines or it will be used in the process of producing medicines. But the most common use of this salt in the pharmaceutical industry is the preparation of various serums.

Iodine supply needed by the body

Finally, the next use of this salt, which is the same as oral use, is used to supply iodine needed by the body. Iodine present in edible salt means that the salt has a much higher purity percentage and also the salt itself will help to keep the iodine longer. The amount of iodine in table salt in Iran is equal to 40 micrograms (40PPM) per gram.

How to buy bulk recrystallized salt

Miad Bazarganan Razi salt production and extraction factory is located in Garmsar city, which has the possibility of producing all kinds of salt in the form of edible, decorative, industrial and rock salt. Among the other products of this salt is the preparation of purified edible salt by recrystallizing method, which you can take advantage of for use in the food industry you need. To buy this salt, just contact our sales experts and they will tell you the price list and available packaging for both iodized and non-iodized recrystallization salt.

Granulation small
granulation type Crystal
Grain size unknown
packaging Suitable to customer needs
consumables Daily food consumption, use in food industry, use in pharmaceutical industry, supply of iodine needed by the body

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With more than several years of experience in extracting rock salt from Iran's largest salt mines in Semnan city, Miad Bazarganan Razi company offers the possibility of buying rock salt and all types of granulated salt in a moisture-free and high-quality environment. Contact us to buy granulated salt.


What is recrystallized salt?

Recrystallized salt is a method of purifying edible salt, in which the ground salt is first dissolved in water, and after impurities are removed through sedimentation, adding chemicals and passing through a sand filter, finally the salt is directed to the evaporation stage to create salt crystals.
In the final stage, the salt is turned into finer crystals in a special centrifuge, and in this stage, some additives such as iodine needed by the body or additives to prevent clumping are added to it.
Finally, the obtained salt is dried in dryers with hot heat and they are directed to the silos for packing salt.

The types of salt are recrystallized in two nodes. The first knot is iodine and the second group is without iodine. Both of these groups are determined in the granulation stage of the salt crystal. If iodine is added to the centrifuge, it is called recrystallized iodized salt, and if iodine is not added, it is called recrystallized salt without iodine.

To buy recrystallized edible salt from Razi’s Miad Bazarganan salt factory, just contact our sales experts. According to the type of salt required, the daily price of salt will be announced to you and will be sent to you via freight.

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