Salt has a wide range of applications in the detergent industry. Industrial salts are used as sodium alkali salt with compounds of sodium sulfate, sodium chloride and sodium carbonate in the soap industry and in the synthetic detergent industry, as fillers, thickeners, etc. Detergent manufacturers’ concerns include increasing the cleaning power, increasing the solubility of detergents in light and heavy water, and minimizing water pollution.

In oil and gas rotary drilling, various materials such as drilling salt are used to increase the density of drilling mud. Drilling begins mainly with water-based flowers or water, and as they go deeper, more solid phase is added to the flower or the flower base changes. Drilling oil and gas wells is one of the most specialized and important operations in the oil industry. Drilling mud plays an important role in the drilling industry. The drilling mud is passed through the drilling pipes and comes out of the cracks inside the drilling rig and brings to the surface the crushed stones removed from around the drill.