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Grill salt slate Miad Bazarganan Razi is one of the other products of this salt factory in Semnan province, which is for everyday use at home and commercial use in restaurants for preparation and cooking All kinds of food can be used.

This rock salt has the same function as a grill for cooking all kinds of food and other foods, which due to the properties that rock salt has and releases negative ions in sequence with heat, besides its many benefits for the body, salt can It also provides the food requirements and gives a pleasant taste to the food. Salt stone grill boards can be purchased in different sizes and colors, which you can use to prepare food by ordering them at home or in a restaurant.

خرید تخته سنگ نمک گریل میعاد بازرگانان رازی

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Salt grill board is obtained by cutting salt slabs. The salt extracted from the mines, which is available in different colors and purity percentages, is cut in different dimensions and sizes in the form of square, rectangle or even circle, which has a thickness between 3 and 5 cm. Then cuts are made on these grills to help the cook in cooking and also to preserve some ingredients that are added to the food in this way. Apart from this, these cuts have the possibility of providing air under the meat for cooking.

What is a salt grill?

Salt stones that have great strength and durability can be turned into grill pans. These salt slabs are cut and used in different dimensions according to the customer’s needs to prepare and cook food in a restaurant or at home.

The price of grill salt in Miad Bazarganan Razi

Grill salt slates are available in different colors of orange, jaggery, white, brown and red, some of which also have streaks of the mentioned colors. Salt stones that have a lower percentage of purity and are not suitable for preparing salt are used to make salt grill pans.

Other names:

  • Salted grill pan
  • Salt grill board
  • salty red slate

Supply in packages:

  • rectangular shape
  • Square
  • Customer’s choice

Items and applications:

  • daily home use
  • Use in restaurants
  • nature tourism and camping

Salted grill pan features

Today, different types of pans, which are made of different hard metals, are used to prepare and cook different types of food. Some of these pans have a protective layer such as Teflon, which is harmful to the health of the body. While the salt grill pan is taken from the heart of nature and does not have such characteristics. buy salt grill pan

flavoring food

Salt slate pan is made of rock salt. This rock salt itself has the materials needed by the body such as sodium, magnesium, zinc and other elements that can be combined with it during cooking and provide the elements needed by the body. On the other hand, the salt in this stone will make you unnecessary to use separate salt. During cooking, the salt penetrates into the texture of the food and makes it twice as tasty.

Adjustment of the electrolyte required by the body

Our body needs different elements. In addition, we need electrolytes to keep the body’s PH level in a normal state. The sodium in the salt will help with this. People who have high blood pressure and cholesterol will experience less problems using this method to cook food. Purchase grill salt pan, Miyad Bazarganan Razi

Decontamination from food

Pots that are made of various metals such as zinc, copper, cast iron, etc. are a factor in increasing osteoporosis and the possibility of premature Alzheimer’s. While cooking food in salty grill pans, your body will stay away from this type of dangers.

Buy salt grill board

Miad Bazarganan Razi Garmsar Salt Factory Company is active in the field of extracting and producing all kinds of salt products. The salt slate grill is another product of this company that you can buy in different sizes according to your use. If you have a restaurant, you can get a large number of these grills. To know the price and availability of this product in different packages, just click on the button in the box below and contact the experts of our sales department.

Granulation None
granulation type None
Grain size None
packaging Suitable to customer needs
consumables Home or commercial use in restaurants to prepare and cook all kinds of food

Buy industrial salt

With more than several years of experience in extracting rock salt from Iran's largest salt mines in Semnan city, Miad Bazarganan Razi company offers the possibility of buying rock salt and all types of granulated salt in a moisture-free and high-quality environment. Contact us to buy granulated salt.


What is grill salt rock?

Plates cut from mineral salt rock, which have a lower percentage of salt purity, are called grill boards. This board is used as a pan for cooking all kinds of food, which can be purchased in different sizes and colors.

The stone grill pan is used to prepare and cook all kinds of food at home, restaurant and camping. Cooking food with this pan is beneficial for health and will provide the elements needed by the body.

The salt grill board can be cut and customized according to the dimensions you need. You can buy these boards in different shapes.

In order to buy grill salt, you just need to contact our sales experts. According to the dimensions of the required grill, the price of the day will be announced to you and will be sent to you through freight.

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