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Salt brick is one of the other products of the salt factory Miad Bazarganan Razi, which is produced in standard dimensions as well as the ability to produce in the dimensions desired by the customer. As the name suggests, this product is cut pieces of salt rock that are shaped like bricks and are used for the same purpose in building walls.

The use of salt brick has been noticed due to its healing properties as well as its decoration. Nowadays, this brick is used in the construction of various walls inside the house with the aim of decorating and beautifying a part of the space, which apart from it has amazing healing properties.

آجر نمک میعاد بازرگانان رازی

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Salt is rich in minerals and negative ions that have detoxification and healing properties. Just as humans have been using it for thousands of years by building salt chambers for energy therapy and curing some diseases, the properties of salt bricks are similar to the same chambers but at a lower level in order to be available.

Salt bricks are produced by cutting salt rock, and in order to have high quality and durability, suitable minerals must be used. These bricks are connected to each other with salt brick glue for building a wall or making a salt chamber at home.

What is brick salt?

Some mineral salt stones have a much higher density and durability, and due to the different veins and colors in them, you might think that they are marble or other things at first glance without touching them or looking very closely. such as jade.

قیمت آجر سنگ نمک میعاد بازرگانان رازی

While these bricks are salt stone, with high strength, it is possible to cut them into pieces, and they can be used to build a salt room at home, decorate some walls of the house in the bedroom, or even wall covering the open kitchen, and it is also beautiful. Sazi took advantage of its therapeutic properties to clean the environment and the health of people inside the house.

Other names:

  • Salt brick
  • Salt brick
  • Decorative salt brick
  • Chinese wall salt rock

Availability in dimensions:

  • 10×10
  • 10×20
  • 15×10
  • 20×20

Items and applications:

  • Decoration and interior decoration
  • Properties of energy therapy
  • Air purification and humidity reduction
  • Absorption and removal of positive ions from the environment

How to produce brick salts

As we said, salt brick is a product obtained by cutting salt rock; But not every rock salt can be used for this purpose. Because it must have the necessary density and compression in order to maintain high strength and durability, so as not to cause disintegration and crushing.

In fact, the best salt brick should be in such a way that when you see it, it looks similar to marble and does not break with relatively strong blows. Because you are going to use this brick in the construction of salt rooms or porcelain walls as part of the interior of the house.

Since rock salt has many therapeutic properties and is also very effective in removing ionic pollution from the environment, its use is popular these days. Especially in a world where we deal with all kinds of electronic components such as cases, mobile phones and household appliances, which are full of positive ions and harmful waves.

How to use salt brick

The use of salt bricks is exactly the same as ordinary bricks. with the difference that instead of using cement or plaster and soil, special salt brick glue is used to stick and stack these bricks.

This glue is in the form of powder, which has a special formula. It is enough to combine it with the necessary amount of water according to the recipe that exists for it and finally it becomes a paste. Then you can apply this glue on the bricks and edges using a spatula and place the salt bricks on top of each other.

The use of salt brick glue must be on the agenda. Because the use of other materials to connect the bricks together will cause them to break apart due to the structure that contains salt.

The price of salt bricks in Miyad Bazarganan Razi

Where is the best salt stone brick?

Our country, Iran, has many salt mines in the four corners. The city of Semnan, especially in the city of Garmsar alone, contains more than half of Iran’s salt mines, where you can find all kinds of salt minerals.

The salt mine used for salt bricks cannot be the same mines that are used to produce industrial salt. Rather, this brick should be produced from mines that have a high stone density, have high strength and have the ability to cut.

On the other hand, because salt brick is considered a decorative device, it should have different colors in the form of streaks of red, orange, yellow, brown, blue, etc., which will be effective in beautifying the environment and decorating the wall you choose.

Properties and application of salt brick

The salt brick has the same healing and cleansing properties as the use of rock salt. This is the reason why the use of this brick has become popular these days and in residential houses, offices and companies, some of the interior decoration is done with this brick so that it has both decorative and therapeutic aspects.

Decorative material for interior decoration

This brick can be used in different home or workplace environments such as the kitchen, company or hotel reception, open porcelain wall, decorating the exterior of the fireplace, part of the bedroom wall, and anywhere you think can have an attractive brick facade.

Energy therapy of people in the home and environment

Salt brick has the same properties as salt, which is used for energy therapy. The salt chambers that are being built and developed in some cities these days and have become a place for recreation and relaxation in the direction of treatment are part of these examples that are made using salt bricks.

Until now, salt rooms were limited to mines, after extracting salt from the mines, they turned part of the corridors into an environment for rest and energy therapy by decorating and lighting them, which tourists had to travel for kilometers from one city to another.

While now, thanks to the presence of salt stones that have a high density, salt bricks can be produced by cutting them, and just like the architecture of a house, chambers like this can be built anywhere.

Razi salt bricks of Miad Bazarganan Razi

Cleaning the air and reducing the humidity of the environment

Another property of rock salt is to help purify the air and remove pollutants such as dust. Salt is also a mineral that is excellent at absorbing moisture. By absorbing moisture, these salt bricks reduce the humidity of the environment and eventually remove the humidity.

There is no need to worry about losing their structure by absorbing moisture; Because their high density helps to keep the brick structure from changing and gradually release the moisture they contain.

Absorption and removal of positive ions from the environment

Salt has a structure rich in negative ions. As a result, it can absorb the positive ions emitted and released by electronic devices in the environment and eliminate the effect they have on our body by reducing these ions and eliminating them.

How to buy salt bricks

Miad Bazarganan Razi company has various mines of salt rock in Garmsar city, which has provided the possibility of buying salt bricks directly to you, dear customers. You can buy salt bricks from us in any part of dear Iran in the quantity you want and with the size and cut you want.

To buy, it is enough to contact our sales experts, who will guide and support you regarding this product, and explain how to buy and the process of sending the product. After placing the order, the product will be loaded from the factory and directed to your destination.

Granulation None
granulation type None
Grain size None
packaging Suitable to customer needs
consumables Decoration and interior decoration, making walls or salt chambers

Buy industrial salt

With more than several years of experience in extracting rock salt from Iran's largest salt mines in Semnan city, Miad Bazarganan Razi company offers the possibility of buying rock salt and all types of granulated salt in a moisture-free and high-quality environment. Contact us to buy granulated salt.


What is salt brick?

Salt bricks are cut pieces of salt rock in standard or custom sizes. This brick is used in the construction of walls to decorate or to build salt rock chambers for the purpose of energy therapy and decorating the environment. The different dimensions of this product include 10×10, 10×15, 10×20 and 20×20, and it is possible to order any desired size.

Every property that the use of rock salt has in the environment can also be found in salt bricks. Energy therapy, reduction of environmental humidity, absorption of harmful positive ions in the environment, air purification, and most importantly, a material for decorating and interior decoration of the home are among the properties and applications of using salt bricks.

Salt rock bricks can be classified by size and color. Usually in Iran, salt stones that have different colors include yellow, red, jade, blue, brown and gray.

To buy salt bricks from Miyad Bazarganan Razi, just contact our sales experts and we will send you the product catalog.

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