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Salt soap is one of the other products of the salt factory Miad Bazarganan Razi, which is used in medical and cosmetic cases. This product is available in various round, heart and rectangular shapes with various colors that you can buy in bulk for therapeutic purposes.

Soapy salt plays an effective role in exfoliating and rejuvenating the skin, and for this reason, it can be found in all stores that supply cosmetics and health products or pharmacies. The therapeutic properties of salt soap can exfoliate your skin and give you the feeling of being young with soft skin.

Miad Bazarganan Razi salt soap

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The minerals in salt help a lot in the health of the skin. Salt has always been used as an agent to treat many diseases since time immemorial and in today’s world we see the discovery of its therapeutic properties in cosmetics and health products.

These properties caused a suitable product to be produced by combining sea salt and soap, which, apart from its washing properties, can be effective in treating many diseases and skin problems.

What is salt soap?

Salt soap is a combination of soap and salt that is produced for therapeutic purposes. You can buy salt soap in bulk and use this product in your cosmetic store as a complementary option and even as an alternative to cosmetic products that are mainly chemical.

The properties of Miad Bazarganan Razi salt soap

This soap is produced in different forms and with different colors depending on the type of soap, which has healing and skin rejuvenating properties. Using soap in salt will release minerals packed in it, which will help skin health and people with skin problems.

Other names:

  • salt soap
  • Bath salt soap
  • Himalayan salt soap

Supply in the following forms:

  • round
  • Cardiac
  • Rectangle

Items and applications:

  • Decreasing skin fat
  • skin peeler
  • Rejuvenation and treatment of skin diseases

How to produce salt soap

Salt soap is a combination of sea salt and soap, in which the use of salt can play an effective role in the treatment of skin diseases and skin rejuvenation due to its structure and properties.

The minerals in sea salt act just like bathing and help relieve pain and inflammation in the body. Salt also adds other properties to this product by being combined with soap.

Apart from the presence of minerals, salt has negative ions and its rough structure can help you exfoliate the skin, remove dead skin and improve pimples, acne and eczema to have a completely fresh skin.

If you are among the people who are more confident in using cosmetics and health products derived from nature, we suggest you to use salt soap.
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Properties of salt soap

It doesn’t matter if you are a lady or a gentleman; Are you young or old? In any case, using this product will help you maintain your attractive appearance and use a completely safe product to rejuvenate your skin without the need to use chemical cosmetics. The benefits of this product are:

Decreasing skin fat

The presence of fat is the main reason for the filling and closing of skin pores. When you use salt soap on a daily basis, these fats will disappear and with the opening of skin pores, the possibility of blackheads and other such cases will be zero.

In addition, due to the salt structure and the presence of tiny salt crystals in this soap, your skin will be regularly exfoliated, which will remove dead skin.

Exfoliation and skin rejuvenation

The presence of salt in this soap removes the dead layers of the skin and helps you to always have young, fresh and fresh skin. When you don’t take care of your facial skin, these dead skins will pile up and cause your face to become stiff and dry.

While the therapeutic properties of salt soap help to exfoliate your skin regularly and your face always looks fresh.

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Treatment of fungus and skin diseases

Fungi may appear on the skin of the face, hands and feet for any reason, and if you don’t pay attention to them, they will grow bigger and bigger until they cause more serious problems for you.

The exfoliating properties and on the other hand, the removal of toxins that salt soap has will prevent any fungus from forming on your skin. Microorganisms are the main cause of skin fungus, which this soap is effective in removing.

Improvement of eczema, acne and pimples

When oily skin is not taken care of, dust will settle in the skin pores and become bigger and bigger. After that, blackheads will appear, which, if not treated, will cause acne. Pimples are another skin problem that occurs especially for teenagers and causes problems for them for years.

Using salt soap can be effective in improving them. Eczema is also a problem that causes problems such as itching for people whose skin is damaged by accidents. Regular use of salt soap helps to gradually reduce the effect of eczema and improve it.

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consumables Therapeutic use for exfoliation and rejuvenation

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With more than several years of experience in extracting rock salt from Iran's largest salt mines in Semnan city, Miad Bazarganan Razi company offers the possibility of buying rock salt and all types of granulated salt in a moisture-free and high-quality environment. Contact us to buy granulated salt.


What is salt soap?

A product called salt soap is produced from the combination of soap and sea salt or mountain salt. This product is available in heart-shaped, round or rectangular formats, which is very effective in treating skin diseases and rejuvenating the skin.

Exfoliating the skin, rejuvenating the skin, improving eczema, removing blackheads, degreasing the skin, detoxifying, removing acne and eliminating skin fungus are some of the properties of salt soap.

Types of soapy salt can be classified according to their shape and color. You can buy all kinds of this soap in round, heart or rectangular shapes in various colors of white, pink, blue, etc. depending on the type of soap used in it.

To buy salt soap from Miad Bazarganan Razi Company, just contact our sales experts and we will send you the product catalog.

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