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Salt lampshade or salt lamp is another product produced by industrial salt factory Miad Bazarganan Razi. This product is available in different shapes like ball, Rubik (square), vase base, pyramid, etc., which you can use for decorative or therapeutic purposes.

Due to having negative ions, salt can be effective in purifying the environment from positive ions and repelling electromagnetic waves, for which we only need to use a special lamp inside the rock salt. A rock salt lampshade is what fulfills this need.

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For a long time, mankind has been looking for a way to get rid of negative energies and create a positive feeling in himself, which has led to the emergence of energy therapy. This process takes place in various ways, and the use of salt is one of these ways to get rid of negative energies.

Energy therapy in this way was used earlier in the form of salt chambers, which still exist. But if you want to do this inside the house and in an economic mode, preparing a lampshade made of salt is the best possible way.

What is a rock salt lampshade?

Rock salt lampshade, as the name suggests, is a combination of rock salt with lamp lighting. In the production of this product, a lamp and a piece of rock salt are used. Due to the presence of negative ions, rock salt absorbs various factors such as humidity and electromagnetic waves and improves the quality of sleep, breathing and relieves anxiety.

The price of spherical and square salt rock lampshades

You can buy the lampshade stone of Miad Bahrganan Razi in two shapes, spherical and square, and you can benefit from its advantages by placing it in your bedroom. The use of this lampshade is highly recommended for people with respiratory diseases, asthma and allergies.

Other names:

  • Lightning salt stone ball
  • Rock salt lamp
  • Salt lampshade

Supply in the following forms:

  • Orb
  • Square
  • Rhombus

Items and applications:

  • Home interior decorations
  • therapeutic properties
  • air purification and wave repelling

How to produce and make salt stone lampshade

If you are looking for a decorative product for your home, the salt lampshade will be an ideal option for you. Apart from its decorative properties and use as a night sleeper, this product has many therapeutic properties that can be effective on increasing the quality of your night sleep as well as your health.
In addition to these people who have respiratory diseases such as asthma and allergies, you can use this product as an effective factor in improving your daily life.
Due to its ionizing properties and having negative ions, the salt rock lampshade can absorb harmful positive ions from the environment, which will have an effective role on your health.
If you are among the people who are interested in energy therapy, it is certainly not possible to go to salt rooms regularly, and maybe even there are no such environments in your city. Or at least if there is, you have to travel kilometers to reach it behind the heavy traffic of the cities.
Therefore, using a rock salt lamp is an economical option that you can use in your bedroom to benefit from its effects on your health.
The price of salt stone lampshade

Therapeutic properties of salt rock lampshade

Rock salt lampshade is just one category of the group of decorative industrial salt products. Among the other products of this group, we can mention various types of candle holders, rubiks, vase bases, etc., each of which has its own characteristics to decorate the home and bedroom.

But in the meantime, the use of salt lampshade because it is done during night sleep and can be available to you for an average of 7 to 9 hours during the 24 hours of the day, is a good option to use more of a therapeutic product that Its properties include:

Air purification and moisture absorption

Salt is an excellent option for absorbing moisture and it absorbs it well. For this reason, it can be an option to reduce humidity when the air in your bedroom is humid.

Apart from this, it can absorb cigarette smoke, dust and other harmful particles and affect your health during night sleep.

Suitable for patients with asthma and allergies

Environmental pollution is poison for people who have respiratory diseases such as asthma, allergies and bronchitis. The negative ions emitted from rock salt will increase and improve the activity of the cilia of the respiratory tract, which results in the improvement of the respiratory system.

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Improving sleep quality and relieving stress

Our environment is polluted due to the presence of various electronic devices and has many positive ions. These positive ions cause the oxygen level of the brain to drop, which is why we feel dull and tired when we wake up at night.

It is enough to look at the times when you are away from this environment and see that even though you have had the same amount of daily activity, how much better and relaxing sleep have you experienced due to the absence of these types of devices?

The negative ions of the lampshade’s rock salt will repel them by absorbing positive ions, and this seemingly simple factor will improve the oxygen level of your brain during night sleep, which is semi-active, and you will experience a peaceful sleep. This issue is also effective in relieving anxiety and stress.

Increasing body energy by repelling waves

The bad effect of electromagnetic waves in the environment around the house does not end here; These waves also affect the body’s energy level, which makes you always feel tired.

The presence of rock salt in the environment in the form of a lampshade produces negative ions and causes them to be absorbed. The result of this is increased alertness and energy level of the body, which makes you feel refreshed.

Granulation None
granulation type None
Grain size None
packaging Suitable to customer needs
consumables Decorative and therapeutic use for home use

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With more than several years of experience in extracting rock salt from Iran's largest salt mines in Semnan city, Miad Bazarganan Razi company offers the possibility of buying rock salt and all types of granulated salt in a moisture-free and high-quality environment. Contact us to buy granulated salt.


What is a rock salt lampshade?

Salt rock lampshade is a combination of rock salt and a special lamp, which is considered a home decoration and treatment device. This lampshade is made in different spherical and square shapes, which have different dimensions.

The most common use of this lampshade is to decorate and improve sleep at night. But its healing properties have caused it to attract everyone’s attention. The therapeutic properties of this product include purifying the air in the room and reducing humidity, reducing positive harmful ions in the environment, eliminating electromagnetic waves, increasing the body’s energy level, and reducing anxiety and stress.

These lampshades are made in spherical, square or rhombus shapes. These balls have a special lamp that you can use at night to improve the quality of your sleep. Salt rock lamps are mounted on wooden bases in various shapes, which give them a beautiful appearance in the relatively dark environment of the room.

To buy salt lampshades from Miad Bazarganan Razi Company, just contact our sales experts and we will send you the product catalog.

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