Salt in detergent industry

Salt has a wide range of applications in the detergent industry. Industrial salts are used as sodium alkali salt with compounds of sodium sulfate, sodium chloride and sodium carbonate in the soap industry and in the synthetic detergent industry, as fillers, thickeners, etc. Detergent manufacturers’ concerns include increasing the cleaning power, increasing the solubility of detergents in light and heavy water, and minimizing water pollution.

Detergent composition and application of salt in detergents

Detergents are a combination of several chemicals, each of which is used for a specific task in the detergent composition. Detergents can be detergents (surfactants), pH controllers (phosphates), grease removers (sodium mineral salts), foam control and stabilizers (fatty acids), water hardness reducers, bleaches , Disinfectant categorized.

جهت دریافت مشاوره رایگان، اطلاع از قیمت و موجودی محصولات کارخانه، همین حالا با کارشناسان فروش میعاد بازرگانان رازی تماس بگیرید.

مشاهده اطلاعات تماس

The performance of detergents

Detergents are divided into two general categories: soaps and synthetic detergents. The detergent molecule is composed of two hydrophilic and lipophilic molecules. The presence of polarity in the detergent molecule causes the detergent to dissolve in water and fat at the same time. In soap, fats attach to alkyl chains, and the salt head of the soap dissolves them in water and is carried away with the water. In synthetic detergents, the fats attach to the alkyl chain and the sulfonate group dissolves them in water and is taken away with the water.

The application of salt in synthetic detergents

The structure of synthetic detergents is in the form of a hydrocarbon chain attached to the salt of a water-soluble acid. Salt is used in synthetic detergents such as washing powder (as a filler), shampoos and liquid soaps (as a thickener), bleaches and disinfectants. Sodium also speeds up the dissolution of detergents in water. In order to increase the concentration of the solution to increase the adhesion of liquid soap, sodium is used along with technical technical coconut. Salt in shampoos is a thickening agent in shampoos. Salt increases the electrolyte properties of the detergent and increases the cleaning speed

The application of salt in soap – making industry

Soaps are made from natural fats and oils in a process called saponification. The soap molecule consists of two salts and an alkyl chain. One of the additives in soaps is salt. Dissolving salt in water foams the soap well, and the better the foam foams, the more cleansing the soap becomes.

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